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Cocktail Slipperz are faux fur expandable slipperz that fit all sizes of cocktail glasses.

They come in the above packaging and on a reusable plastic wine glass. 

Cocktail slipperz are great for everyday use or to add style and fun to any party glasses.

Give as gifts, use at charity functions or use to customize your wedding, holiday or party tables.

You can have a lot of fun with these classy and stylish cocktail slipperz.

Cocktail slipperz help you identify your glass from others, help prevent condensation, helps stabilize your glass, are great conversation pieces and add beauty and fun to all different sizes of glasses.

Expandable to fit all sizes.

Hand wash the bottom only and let air dry.

Spice up your glass with beautiful CocktailSlipperz


Contact us via email at to customize your cocktailslipperz with your colors for your wedding tables, party’s, holidays, sports teams, charity events or just everyday style and fun.

Black and white Cocktailslipperz look stunning for the bride and grooms glass.

Pink CocktailSlipperz are beautiful for breast cancer awareness or for charity events.

All our existing colors are also great for weddings, everyday use, party’s or events.

Cocktail Slipperz

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